Monistat 7 SAFE TO USE?!

Ciara • First time mom ... Still getting the hang of things 🤔💕
Okay ladies sorry for the TMI , BUT I REALLY NEED SOME ADVICE!, So I am now 11 weeks and 1 day pregnant , But I've had a nasty yeast infection for as long as I've been preggers almost , because I was using anti biotics to rid myself of a BV infection!!, which of course caused the Yeast infection . ... Unfortunately  I'm still waiting for my insurance to kick through so I haven't not been able to get any Prenatal care , and I really don't know when I am going to start my monthly visits. So "consulting a physician " is not an option right now , I keep seeing on the internet that allot of people's Drs. Recommend monistat 7 to get rid of yeast infections has anybody used it and had good results or do they feel like it's unsafe ? I just want to double check before I continue using it ,because this thing is killing me it's the most uncomfortable thing ever !🙄🙄🙄