Bf finishes in me and I say no...


**EDIT: A lot of people are commenting that I should go on birth control if I don't want to get pregnant, which is something I already know. We have been having unprotected sex for a year and like I said we would have welcomed getting pregnant. I got checked and do HAVE fertility problems and multiple cysts on my ovaries which i get checked every 2 months.. I was on birthday control for 8 years, trying different kinds and they all messed with my body Wether it was heavy mood swings, no periods at all or some months bleeding for weeks... so yes I am aware of what birth control is and I'm choosing not to go through that again. This post was meant to refer more to the lack of respect I received through his comments to me regarding him continuing to finish in me after I tell him not to. I'm in what I consider to be an abusive relationship and was hoping to hear from others in the same situation. I don't need to feel worse about myself than I already do so please just stop with the snarky, rude comments if you don't have any other advice to offer than "birth control duh"


So ever since our relationship started about a year and a half ago he has been finishing in me. We were careless about it and got to the point that if we got pregnant we would be happy. We weren't trying specifically but also not preventing.

Now, with us being rocky over a couple months, I am now set on definitely not getting pregnant. Since we have been having ups and downs, we've actually only had sex twice in the past couple of months.

Each time we did I told him no don't finish in me, he laughed it off, kind of saying "whatever" and did it anyways. I didn't put up a fight afterwards I just said hey I asked you not to do that and I'm serious... he again laughed it off and wouldn't believe that I was serious.

So a couple days ago this happened again and he said why don't you want me finishing in you anymore you haven't had a problem with it the past year? I said were not in a good place, and I don't want to end up getting pregnant now. He seemed pretty offended at that like I was insulting him but the conversation sort of ended.

Then tonight he brought it up saying how next time we have sex he's going to cum in me. I said well I've already asked you not to and I don't want that anymore. He said "we'll see" and "I'm sure you don't" sarcastically.

I really do not want this to happen anymore and he's making me feel some type of guilt for saying it. Am I wrong? Like should I feel crappy for telling him no at this point in our relationship although I've been on board with it for a year? I'm so confused and feel like I'm hurting his feelings but it's my body and I do not want to get pregnant...