If he refuses to put that we are in a relationship..

Or makes up some excuse, is he cheating? Long story short. Got back with my bf about 2 months ago after a 6 month break up. Everything has been great, however I have a feeling he's keeping me a secret and messaging other girls on Facebook. Every normal couple I've seen, their relationship is shown in some way on their profiles. With us there's nothing. No indication what so ever that he's with me. However he's on my phone every day, sees every ignored message on my Facebook so he knows I'm not doing anything. He doesn't get his phone out one time whenever he's with me. Which adds to my suspicions. He makes posts on facebook which girls like and comment on, but that isn't proof hes talking to any of them. Im not gunna go through every girl thats liked his post and ask if theyre talking lol. I could be wrong, so I just want to ask him if we can make it official now and change our relationship statuses. I want to be able to post things about us but I'm too scared to incase it pisses him off or something. And I'm nervous to ask if I can because I don't wanna sound pathetic after all it is just Facebook. But hope someone gets what I mean. If he refuses or comes up with some excuse, I have my answer right?