Broken Leg at 18 Weeks

Lisa • Married 3 years. Our little girl turns two 3/28 and due 3/5 with our little boy.
I was picking out pumpkins with my husband and pretty much just rolled my ankle... Actually rolled both ankles and my right leg got a spiral fracture and my left is severely sprained. My husband, the poor dear, was is shock so he helped me to the car with the help of a stranger and then proceeded to buy the pumpkins!!! I laugh about it now but he wasn't sure how bad it was or what he was supposed to do. I'm pretty sure I told him to go buy them in my painful grunts. We then rushed to the ER and had to wait another 30 to 40 minutes! I'm not sure if that's a normal wait time but every minute felt like a year off my life. I finally got pulled back and they started everything but I had to keep reminding them I was pregnant. The X-ray guy came in and asked his basic questions. One of which is are you pregnant? I said yes and he was so confused and upset that he wasn't told. He had to get another form and a doctor's sign off. It was a circus. After everyone did their thing I was like and now what about the baby? She had the nerve to say "Oh, are you worried about that?" No shit Sherlock. That's pretty much why I'm here and almost hyper ventilating. So I said uh.. yeah. And had to insist on getting at least a Doppler reading. Even after all of this I ended up going to my obgyn to get an emergency US just because everyone seemed incompetent at the midnight ER. Maybe I'm just being emotional but hey my baby my body my money. Anyway... Now life is hell because I'm stuck in this awful bed and need assistance to pee and take a bath. I'm 19 weeks now and I have my big anatomy scan next week along with a orthopedic check up. Yay! Has anyone else broken their leg while pregnant? Bone density or what?