manipulative crazy ex

So I broke up with my boyfriend the other day, horrible timing given that his grandpa had died a few days before. But I couldn't stand the bullshit anymore, our relationship had fallen to nothing. We only dated for 2 months, I wasn't in love but apparently he was. Let me say, he's always been way too clingy, jealous, and manipulative. We argued so much over things as simple as me sitting next to another guy in class because it was my assigned seat. He's fucking ridicuos and emotional abusive so I ended it. Anyway, last night he was saying how I was his whole world and how much he loves me and that he's going to KILL HIMSELF if we end things. At this point, I find it irritating as duck because I can't tell if he's just being manipulative or if he's serious. He also won't leave me alone, like he doesn't understand that we are BROKEN UP. He yelled at me for liking a guys pictire... after we broke up... I don't know what to do. I can't just tell him to fuck off after him saying he's gonna kill him self??? I feel trapped with him. Help.