Explaining to hubby💁🏻❤️🔥 RANT!

Recently I've been suffering from really bad heartburn and acid reflux. I try not to take anything otc except Tums (which doesnt work worth a fck).  Last night i slept straight up in the bed. Woke up fine....Ate lunch and it came back mid eating! So my SO said i have problems lol... that he doesnt even know what heartburn is or feels like.. bc hes never had it. So i said ok... imagine your out at the bar... and a friend buys a round of shots... you think its patron when really its Deisel and it melts your esophagus away as it goes down then burns pitholes into your stomach.. he said " well if its that bad you need to tell your doctor " 😂 So i reply "no its not that bad... its actually like taking the shot over and over and over bc the burning never goes away!!! "... he has nothing to say. lol I wish they would just understand a little more what us women actually go through. I dont know what sleep is anymore... it takes me 3 hours to do a good shave so i dont look or feel like chewbaccas long lost cousin... i fart and burp like a man with intestinal issues... i live on the toilet wishing to pass even a dime size piece of shit... when all that pops out is a dam hemorrhoid and a tinkle of piss....  But he does so much for me. This is our first baby, and hes been extremely helpfull when i need him to be. Sometimes i think hes just tired of my bitching lol 💁🏻