ready to be an active mom again!!! 😡😡😡

Ok so I'm ready to have this baby... I feel horrible... selfish almost for having another baby... we have 3 boys... 7...5..and 2 and I swear they are excited for their little sister but even my 5 yr old started crying and was just like, "mommy I can't wait till baby sister is out of your belly and your fun again" 😭😭😭 they just want to cuddle and get lovins and I'm huge and uncomfortable... I hate it... I know it's ending soon and I need to enjoy it... but I have that's they don't understand so then they act out to get attention... I'm a very cuddle prone mama like co sleeping and when my 7 year old has a bad day I let him stay in our bed... but since I've been so sick (I have MS so it makes my nerve endings go crazy) I don't want ANYONE in my bed I just want to lay like a whale and sleep 😴.... any other mamas feeling this way?