Don't know where to post this, I don't know who my son's father is.

It's been stressing me out and causing depression and anxiety and I'm scared my boyfriend will leave me :(

My son looks nothing like his sisters, my daughters look like my boyfriend, they are his mini me's. He's native and I'm metis ('half breed')

My son was born a week ago and has light hair, blue eyes, fare skin.

My girls were born with heads full of hair, he is pretty much bald

The month I got pregnant me and my boyfriend were broken up (for about 4 months) but I slept with him Feb. 3 when i had ewcm and I slept with another guy (a white guy with blue eyes) a week or 2 later I don't really remember (still had ewcm my cycle seemed off) if I went by my last mp my due date would have been Nov. 15 but the ultrasound put my due date at Nov. 5.

My mom's side of the family is all fare skinned with blue or green eyes. My dad has hazel eyes. Could my son still be my boyfriends?? We got back together when I found out I was pregnant and our relationship has been the best it's ever been. He knows I slept with another man, I assured him the baby was his, but now I'm not so sure. I haven't talked to him about it cuz I don't want him to leave.. I also named my son after him. Idk what to do, I feel like crying all the time.