Out of place

I'm 28 years old, very conservative, a Christ Follower, married to my HS sweetheart, and I live a simple life. I don't share the same views as most people my age. I don't like to drink or party. Almost all of my friends are 20- 40 years my senior with the exception of 2 or 3. I get a lot of crap for "acting/thinking" like an old person. I'm one of those people who think we should still have Blue Laws and Sunday's should be spend Worshipping God and spending time with family. I always say I was born in the wrong era. I've entertained the thought of living off grid and keeping to myself with my husband of course. This world is incredibly depressing to me. People are accepting of you until you mention the name Jesus. People are hell bent on removing God from every aspect of life. I never thought I'd live in world where people would be offended if you simply say "Merry Christmas". I believe the true meaning of Christmas and Easter has been lost and most only care of material things. I hate how commercialized Christmas has become. I refuse to spoil my husband's daughter bc I want her to be appreciative and know we celebrate Christmas for Christ. I'm fearful for our future. The world is only going to get worse. I can't wait for Jesus's return! I want out of this place. No more pain, hate, or intolerance. Only peace, love, and joy. Tell me I'm not alone. God Bless!