losing my mind!! please give advice

So last cycle I had a chemical pregnancy and started my "period" from sept 17-20 after 2 frer positive results. Never had another period as I got another positive pregnancy test on 10-14! So so happy.. until... I went to parenting resource for pregnancy confirmation because my insurance is apparently not in effect until January (new discovery) and the woman at the center could not find a baby! She saw the gestational sac but no baby. I don't know if she is a licensed sonographer but she was very quick and said to go see doctor. I should have been 7 weeks 5 days. So now I'm here thinking I have blighted ovum (Google can make everything worse) and have no idea what to do. I don't have insurance to go to the er and I really want to know if baby is okay. 
Sorry so long, but is there any way I ovulated late because of chemical pregnancy? Is this blighted ovum? Just need to get it out because no one knows I'm pregnant yet. Any opinions, ideas? I'm supposed to be due the end of June. Help!!