Need help

I applied for food stamps I didn't claim him cause we aint married and I ended up lying saying that a friend let's me live here rent free and that my mom buys my product I need truth is i didn't know what I was doing and told them so I could get food stamps because we struggle so much so now they need a letter this friend and my mom and that can't happen because it aint true and I don't wanna get in trouble so I messaged them and told me he moved back in and i needed another interview and I'm just gonna tell them he moved out and was paying utilities and with my last check from work I bought all my stuff and I'm gonna tell them I misunderstood them I hate lying but we struggle to put food on the table at times since he is a general contractor some weeks he makes 200$ some he makes over 3000. But with all the bills it's never enough for groceries and running his own business he pays for his stuff so in all seriousness he never brings home enough how do I get myself out of this mess? She said I had til the 30th for those letters that will never appear if I don't send them will they just cancel the food stamps? I'm in Alabama btw help me I feel bad for lying but I am pregnant

UPDATE: I just emailed them and explained everything and told them someone else needs it more than I do and for them to cancel it. And that he is in my household and makes too much money so if they could to cancel my case. I'm sure they will email back in a few days but I feel a little relief I just told them I needed insurance instead. I didn't lie to get more I just didn't know what to say or how to say it and was scared to he denied I haven't even gotten a card or used it yet. Just my guilty conscience