SO does something romantic!

Melanie • I'm 23 I have 3 amazing babies. I have a bf who treats my kids awesome. They love him. He does everything he can for us. He is simply amazing.
So I'm sitting here reading others posts about there SO doing something sweet thinking I wish. While he's smoking. So I thought. When I hear him yelling for me. Confused because I thought he was outside smoking I go back to the bathroom where he really was. And he drew me a hot bath which I really loved because I'm pregnant with baby #4 and always emotional about everything and it was very relaxing. Anyway I got in and so did he and he gave me a back rub while we were in the tub. Then he got out and did some things. Came in and asked if I was ready to get out. I said yes and he had a towel and clothes ready for me. Got dressed and came out he had my favorites snack (yogurt) and a movie ready for us. I'm all smiles and very happy. I actually cried lol. Sorry had to share 😊😍😊😍