Real contractions or just BH?


FTM here at 38+4. I've had BH for a long time where my stomach gets tight, but doesn't hurt. Starting last night I started feeling pressure with the BH that almost feels like I have to poop really bad but I don't. I'm not feeling pain in my stomach area beyond the tightening, just down near my hips and in between. Changing positions does not help. They are not very regular, just more frequent than before. The duration also varies. Some last a minute and some seem to last 2.5 minutes. Also I'm not really sure if I've lost my mucus plug yet... Had a little glob when I wiped two different times today, but they were just clear/white/yellowish with no blood.

I'm not really sure what real contractions are supposed to feel like so I wasn't sure if this pressure could just be part of BH but it's pretty uncomfortable. My next appt is on Wednesday and I'll get checked to see if I'm dilates at all.

Anyone have comments on what their contractions felt like in the early stages? And how long did it take for them to progress to where you went to the hospital?