Finally gained my weight back 😊

☁️ ❂ q*✩ k a t r i n a ✩*q ❂ ☁️ β€’

So the picture of me in the floral shorts and the one in the red dress is my weight before I left to go to America.. Was 10 stone 😊. The picture taken from the side of my body.. in the bathroom ,wearing black is how skinny I got because my husband was abusive and I never had a lot in to eat so I lost 2 stone, this also includes how thin my legs got as you might tell in the picture where I'm wearing the gray jumper.

The picture of me wearing the two piece white outfit ans the floral top outfit is me now 😊 finally gained weight back on my legs and arms 😊😊

Can anyone tell the difference ? My legs when I flew back had a massive gap between them they were disgustingly thin where I looked ill. I weighed myself and realized I'd lost weight in America when I was with my abusive Husband and now 3 months later I'm back to my old weight 😊😊😊