Wow, That didn't happen as expected 😳

Funny story, 
 I've been curious in girls since I was 10ish but believed it was wrong, become a teenager I believed it was a faze. Now being 15 I had the urge to try to sext a girl. Let me tell you, it was the BOMB. Just, I have a boyfriend and was being a selfish person by hiding what I did. But in my defense how do you tell your boyfriend you think chicks are fun and hot? 
He found out. Poor baby.. he was mad and had the right to be. On the brightside he has now calmed down and wants to three way sext. He told me this morning that he thought it was sexy that her and I talked to eachother and touched ourself to eachother. He wants to take pictures of me and send them to her, and then send her our sex videos. (If you are your SO don't make sex tapes I suggest it because it's so fucking amazing to look back on) he went from not knowing I was curious to now knowing, being mad, and now wants to get involved. So, Ary, if you're reading this, you wanna lil mamma 😘