My cousin won't speak to me, did I do wrong?


She wanted me to babysit her two little girls (4 yrs/5 months) cause she was going to our cousin's birthday party. She told me about it like two weeks in advance and I said there would no be a problem. I suggested her boyfriend to drive the girls to my house cause I wanted to be sure he agreed as they've had a lot of issues and I didn't want to be part of it. She said it was OK.

Days before the day she was going out she called me and said that the 5 month old only took breast milk so she would try to express but she was worried because she only managed to express very little. I said she should do what she thought was right.

She also said that the baby didn't sleep though the night. I was fine with that because I was gonna put both to sleep in my spare double room with a double bed and I was planning to put a mattress on the floor and be there for them.

Anyways, I was a bit concerned about not having enough expressed milk for the baby and I told her. She didn't seem to be very worried.

Few hours before they were supposed to come to my house she called me and said there was a change of plans. That she had gone out the night before and she wasn't supposed to and now she was gonna come to my place with our cousin, the birthday girl, and tell her boyfriend they were staying at mine, then go out and come to pick the kids when they finished clubbing.

I told her that that wasn't what we agreed. First of all, I needed to be sure the dad agreed with that and second of all I wasn't comfortable having to open the door in the middle of the night for her to pick up the kids who knows after how many drinks. What if something happens, what if the dad finds out?

I couldn't be part of that. She texted me saying she would find someone else, I called her but she never picked up. It's been three weeks now. I know she went out cause I've seen her facebook.

What would you have done?