baby shower tips ( that helped me)

1. Don't live and die by your registry. Most people won't even look at it. think of it as a guideline or check list for yourself. 
2. Prepare for people to cancel last minute. Literally 6 people showed up to my shower. at least 10 canceled the day before and some just didn't show at all. I wish i was mentally prepared for that.
3. If you're on a budget, keep decorations and food costs to a minimum. We had a taco/Nacho bar which was very inexpensive. 
4. If you want a shower and no one offers to throw it, throw your own. My good friend planned everything but my SO and i payed for everything. I really wanted the memory, so it was going to happen. 
5. Don't bum yourself out if you can't afford a "glamorous" shower, I had this pintrest fairy tale in my head lol and it didn't turn out quite how imagined. 
6. Take some time to get ready. I rushed through my hair and makeup which resulted in not so cute pictures lol.
7. Don't expect a million gifts. If you get a million, awesome! But don't hype yourself up for it. 
8. Have a diaper raffle, with a good prize! We had a $50 cash prize for the diaper raffle and our turn out was amazing.
9. Make a facebook/email group for guests. it really helps if you send out invitations early. We also made a "mini registry" in the facebook group. We just asked that people didn't bring clothes and focused on diapers. We also listed a few other items we needed. That actually worked as far as gifts went.
10. Plan backup games. We only planned 4 games and they went by really fast. I wish we would've had a few extras ready just in case.
11. Relax the night before. I was so hurt about everyone canceling last minute that i didn't give myself anytime to unwind before the big day.
12. Just go with the flow. If your family is anything like mine, time schedules are pointless! Everyone was late. 
13. Take care of your host/planner. She was happy and comfortable which made me happy lol
14. Get a nice cake. My cake was the highlight of my shower!