I legit hate my MIL

Long story short this lady has made my relationship a nightmare, she feeds only negativity about me to my SO & explains why I am a bad person when I'm the only person in his life making sure he makes good choices. I make sure I have food at home & he eats, if his health is good & even talk to him daily about his day because I truly care. But to his mother I'm just a bitch & he deserves better, but I am not going to toot my own horn but I am the only girl he has had that cares & does all she can for him. I love him thru all the horrible stuff he has done to me ( cheated & I forgave him ) it takes a lot for someone to forgive another when they caused them pain they never thought they would experience. Now that I am pregnant she still hasn't gave me a chance to get to know me but assumes her son can do better. I just feel so done with it , & now she is reapplying for some paper work to stay legal here & god forgive me I just wish she got sent back to her country. She not only talks bad about me but speaks down to her son when ever she sees him, calls him a horrible ungrateful child, curses at him & all. She even thru a show in front of my toddler with her cursing a storm not even caring to filter her words for my child. She is extremely rude in my eyes that I started to cry silently that my SO saw & after him seeing me cry because I couldn't handle her behavior told her to leave our house. She is out so of control that I just want her gone. God, she is like the devil on earth & I feel if she can speak so poorly about me or her child she will speak that way in front her own grandchild. I just wish she wasn't here & got sent away but I know how much it will hurt my SO so I just deal with it... 😔