36 weeks 4cm 50% -1 station


Hi everyone! I am 36 weeks today and I have been 4cm 50% and -1 station for 8 days. Went to the doc yesterday and she said to keep gas in the car, keep the phones charged, and not to go far from home. This is baby number 7 and my last 4 labors were 34-37 weeks... Yesterday and today I have been sleeping constantly, waking up with horrific contractions that will last for an hour or so and then subside only to come back an hour or two later. My lower back has been hurting and the pressure in my bottom (both areas) is almost unbearable with the contractions. Midwife said because of early labors to not wait for close contractions, but to go straight in when they are 10 minutes apart for over an hour. She also said "labor in a car can get quite messy" lol...

Just wondering how everyone is feeling at this point! I'm still sticking in there at home but don't see home being home within a few days 😊