my CRAZY birth story

Bri 🇺🇸 • Expecting our 1st baby this November. Can`t wait to meet her❤️ ICP mommy • #itchybaby
So my origin due date was November 14 however due to being diagnosed at 31 weeks with ICP (google it and learn about it ladies... it's not THAT rare) I was told I'd be induced early no later than 37 weeks which meant my daughter would be an October baby. With my ICP I was monitored closely twice a week with NST's and AFI's to make sure both my placenta and my baby were healthy. At my last high risk appt everything looked good but because I had a low grade fever and started having contractions at only 36 weeks my dr decided to induce me before the 37 week mark. So at 36w5d I was induced with cervadil around 8pm. It takes about 12hrs to do it's thing and I ended up having to have it removed after 5 hrs because my contractions were too close together so unfortunately the cervadil never got to fully do its job softening my cervix. I came into this at a 1 and only moved to a 3. So they started the epidural and then the pitocin around 8:30am. It bumped me up to a 5. I thought I might actually get to do a vaginal birth and was thrilled. Then nothing happened. My dr came in and saw no progression so he broke my water. Then around 9:30pm they checked me again and STILL was at a 5 :( my heart sank cause I knew what this meant. He told me I could try a few more things but didn't see this moving forward and honestly neither did I. I even mentioned to my husband in the very beginning that I had a feeling this would all end up in a c-section. So at 10:11pm my beautiful girl Ruby was born at 6lbs8oz and 18 inches long. My husband overheard my dr telling a nurse during my surgery that we would have ended up in the OR anyway because my daughters umbilical chord was sitting on top of her head so I would have pushed it out first causing harm to my baby, the placenta and myself.  My whole plan from the moment I found out I was pregnant was to have an all natural unmedicated birth with instant skin to skin, this magical instant breastfeeding moment. Did not go as planned once ICP entered the picture. My daughter is here safe and healthy and alive which now is all that matters. I could care less about the c-section. Skin to skin happened but honestly it all worked out the way God intended cause my husband got to have some serious special bonding time with our daughter doing skin to skin. I know that is just as important as it would be with me. Breastfeeding was not instant and not easy. She had a hard time latching on and staying. I learned that due to her being early that her brain had not fully been developed that part of where they know how to suck, swallow and breathe all at the same time. She would latch and suck but then wouldn't know what to do next so would fall off. It was defeating. Next we learned on top of that, that she had a small tongue tie that didn't help so it was snipped. She is now 3 weeks 4 days old and is a great eater! I call her my little milk monster lol. We are blessed and love our girl SO MUCH.