Clomid/Low AMH/Luteal Phase Defect

Currently on month 2 of Clomid, 100mg day 2-5. 
Month 1 went well, ovulated day 18 with progesterone blood test confirming on day 21 with period arriving day 29.
Month 2, positive ovulation day 17. I usually have sore breasts after ovulating but this time I don't? I have slightly (and I mean very slight, so slight I may be imagining it?) sore nipples. 
Has anyone else experienced this and still ovulated? Or have I just not ovulated? It's very strange as I always have sore breasts. 
As ovulation was confirmed last month I won't be receiving any scans/blood tests whilst I'm on the remaining 5'months of clomid. 
I've been diagnosed with low AMH at 28. I think I ovulate on my own but have luteal phase defect. 
Can anyone help?