Wierd bf😥🤔

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My BF and I have been dating for 7months and ever since I feel like he's changed so much. I'm 16 and he's 17. We're in a committed relationship. He trusts me blindly and shows me love and care. He's given me all his social media passwords because I used to have trust issues due to my past relationships. Anyways I know y'all might think I'm so childish for this and this is so stupid but before he used to like all my pictures what ever I shared on social media. Since we got together he doesn't do that like its so rare unless I share a meme that he thinks is funny or something. Idk what to feel and like he doesn't like anyone other girls pictures either. He barely checks my snaps I feel like even though he's loyal to me and is with me but doesn't really love me. Idk wat to do I don't wnna talk to him about his caz Ik if I was scared to say this to u girls about being judged I can only imagine what he's gonna think and to him  I don't wnna seem like that type of a gf that gets mad over something so ridiculous and childish. Does anyone else's BF do this