Gynaecology appointment

Sophie • 26.. married.. longing for our family
Hi ladies, so for anyone that's been following my story.. I had an 85 day cycle before i finally got my period.. I had bloods taken and my female doctor (not my gp) said striajght away I have polycystic ovaries.. well I went and got my blood results yesterday with my actual GP and he said all of my blood levels are normal and based on them I don't have any hormone imbalance.
Anyway.. he had referred me to the gynaecologist and I have my first appointment in February.. just wondered if anyone can give me any pointers on what to expect at this first visit..
I'm 24 my partner is 31 we've been together 7 years and trying for 6.. i quit smoking last year and am looking to start losing weight so I'm in the best position when I go for the appointment. Ive also decided I can't do anything until this appointment so I'm not worrying about ttc until then. 
Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post xx