Do You Think Someone Should Get in Trouble for Stealing Food If They're Starving?

T🌸 • Baby girl born 09-20-2017 👶🏻🌈
I was thinking about this because a woman my sister was friends with in high school was arrested for stealing food at Walmart a year or so ago. Both of her legs are amputated mid thigh and one of her arms at the wrist, because she was in a really bad ATV accident 5 or 6 years ago. She cannot work. She draws disability but her husband (who is estranged half the time) steals it I believe. She's only worked at gas stations so I'm not sure she even draws very much. She has a young boy. So I can understand why she was trying to steal. She was only caught with a $1 Banquet meal, a half a gallon of milk, crackers and a couple small things. So I imagine she was trying to feed her son or herself and didn't have any other way to do it. I don't think she served any jail time but they did arrest her. Do you think someone should get in trouble for stealing food when they are starving/doing without? 

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