Is It Possible? Please Help If You Can, Don't Just View.


Is It Possible To Get Period & Still Get Pregnant & Not Know You're Pregnant Until Missing This Upcoming Period? Me & My Boyfriend Always Have Sex During My Fertile Window & Right After Period, I Never Knew When Exactly I Would Be Ovulating. My Periods Have Been Normal All Year. Always 29-30 Days Long. Well On September We Had A Lot Of Sex, I Got My Period & Would Have Sex Right After & On My Fertile Days. Last Month I Did The Same But Still Got My Period This Month & Again Did The Same, Although I Had No Signs Of My Period Coming This Which Its Usually Being Really Emotional & Having A Headache & Minor Cramps The Day Before...I Had My Period On The 7th Lasted 5 Days & Had Sex Right After & Twice On My Fertile Window, Once Before I Ovulated Just Like The Past Two Times According To Glow. Although I Think I Might Have Gotten Pregnant On October But Still Had My Period This Month, Is It Possible That I Could Be Pregnant? I've Been A Bit Bloated, Gasy, Really Emotional & Very Nauseous & Get Disgusted By Everything.

Is It Possible That I Could Be Pregnant?