need some advise (sorry if it's too long)

My boyfriend and I will be together for two years on New Years, i love him so much and honestly can't picture my future without him in it. But, two days ago we got drunk together and I ended up taking care of him till he fell asleep since he's a lightweight and I can hold my liquor Much more than he. I wanted to check my social media but being drunk I accidentally put my phone on airplane mode but didn't know. So while he slept I took his phone to sign into facebook but in his search engine a couple of porn websites  appeared and his search on facevook showed he's been searching different girls pages (slutty pages), the porn didn't bother me until I noticed he watched it everyday and What hurt me most is that he searched these other girls fb pages. I was already self conscious about my body and took me a while to get comfortable with him and now I feel like I'm taking twenty steps back and getting more self conscious. If anyone can give me some advise I'd appreciate it.