do y'all get vaginal tears/fissures and how do you deal

*i shouldn't have an std/sti as I have only had two sexual partners and the first one was a virginity taker and the other got tested before we slept together*
Soo, I keep getting paper cut like tears on my inner labia where it connects to the outer labia right before the opening to my vagina and I'm not sure what's causing it. 
Whenever I wipe with toilet paper I get residue in between my folds which is irritating so I think that when I go to get it out is when it happens.
But now that I have the tears I think my vagina is trying to overly lubercate or something and I just want it to chill. I think I'm getting a minor rash from the irritation.
Have y'all had any similar experiences or do I have a broken pussy lmao