50 minutes later we had a baby!

Angie Bob
So apparently I don't know the signs of active labor. Thought I was in very early stages in the AM, but nothing too bad was going on, so I decided to go about my day. Went out to breakfast. Hung out at home. And even went on a tour of our city's Rec Center. About 4:30-5, at Rec, I was having more contractions and called triage. Told them my spiel and they said probably early labor, and not necessary to come to hospital yet. Guess I unintentional downplayed my situation. About 6p contractions started coming more consistently and left for hospital around 7ish. Got first vitals done at 7:49, with 8cm dilated. They took me to room right away. Doctor checked again and BAM! I was 10 cm and pushing wasn't optional. 5 good pushes later and we had a baby girl peeing on me during our first skin to skin at 8:39!