Will i ever get over him???

So long story short my husband and I have been together for 2 1/2 years married for a year and a half. 5 month's ago I had to kick him out.... I had tried and tried to help and support him get off the drugs and stop drinking (he didn't start doing any of it until 3 months after we got married). He would for about a week or two then I would find out he had been doing it again. He would lie straight to my face about it even tho I already knew the truth. I came home from work one morning he was passed out on the couch in his own vomit (after he swore up and down he wouldn't do it anymore) I had had enough I told him to get his shit and go right at that moment but I told him he's kids were to stay with me until their mom could come and get them. So he left the kids mom came and got them and thanked me over and over for making him leave the kids with me. He was gone for two weeks and I missed my husband I just wanted him back. So he came back four days later we went to the lake with the kids. He packed the cooler so I had no idea he put beer in there. We were at the lake for a hour then he told me he was going to the restroom and came back smelling like beer. At first I didn't say anything. Then I was in the water with the kids. He brought the cooler to the beach and was trying to be sneaky and drink another beer when he thought I was looking. I walked to to him claim as could be and asked him if we could leave..he told me no we r going o his sister camp site. So we did. And in front of his sister he would talk to me ways he had never spoken to me before his sister stepped in hit him right across the face and bitched at him like no other. When we finally got him I asked him to leave. He did. A week and a half later I took a pregnancy test. Positive... our first together. I told him he didn't say much at all we didn't talk for almost three months. We started talking. Everything was great. He acted like he loved me again he acted like he cared. And now two months later we hardly talk anymore but he still tells me he loves me and wants to work it out. But he only really talks to me when he wants sex. Before we do anything he's all lovely super sweet. Then after we have sex we r good for three four days then he won't speak to me again ik he's using me for sex. But I love this man and miss him so much. My kids ask about him all the time want to see him go to his house. And we miss his kids but he won't let me see them very much at all. But idk if I can now I'm 6 months pregnant. I've been alone this whole time. Im scared it's going to be the same. Will I ever get over him??? I cry every night for him. I cry every time I see him or hear his voice..... will it ever stop???