Unexplainable Sex

I've been messing around with this guy, now I've seen him all of four times. The first time we had sex it was cool, I mean like it was good. I want to say I would've enjoyed it more if his 🍆wasn't so big lol. But anyways the next two times that I had seen him he didn't try anything he literally just played in my hair and massaged me. So one day last week after a long day of being at work all morning and class all night I decided to go visit him. Now he's a drinker, he goes and has a drink when get gets off. So I arrived at his house, he walks up to my car to open the door for me to get out, while doing that he tries to tie me up cup but I turned it down. Finally once we got in the house I decided to just drink it because he wasn't going to leave me alone until I had some. So it gave me a real nice buzz. Now here's where it get interesting 😏! So we were sitting in the couch and he decided to kneel between my legs. So he starts kissing me starting at my neck working his way down. He takes my pants off and starts giving my head. Then he stops, grabs my hand and takes me into the room. I lie down and he starts giving me head again. So then he stops again and slowing pushes his 🍆inside me. I swear it felt like I was in heaven, he starts pulling my hair, smacking my ass, and talking to me, all while still being so gentle 😩. Idk what was the difference between that night and the first time but the second time was AMAZING!! I've head good sex before but THAT was something different and I mean that in a good way. The whole next day I couldn't stop thinking about him or that night. I could still feel it and I had this tingling feeling all over my body thinking about it. It still leaves me speechless and I can't really explain how good it was and how it made me feel but I tried 😂. Needless to say I didn't expect it to be like that.