Is he not into me anymore

So this is new for me...writing about my feelings or guy troubles but I figured I'd open up on here and any advice or help would be great.

So I've been talking with this guy now for about 2 months and right off the bat he says he isn't looking for anything and doesn't want to do a long distance thing. Which yea that's fine...I mean it's not and that was like a big blow, but I got over because I mean we could still be friends. Well 2 months into it and I'm sensing he's changing his mind about the idea of it. It's like the little things that he would say or hint at. So I'm planning a trip to the mountains with some college friends and invited him along and he was like " yea sure sounds fun" he had been hinting about having sex previously and, me having a sex and the city moment didn't turn down the idea. Well last night I texted him to make sure he was still game to just coming on the 2 trip and he was like "yea but if you mean having sex, then I think I'm changing my mind about it " he says he gets mood swings and whatever hell else and I'm like what the heck does that mean?!? So..yea that's where I'm at. I mean sure I don't need to have sex on the trip but is he turned off by the idea of it with me now or am I overthinking it? Help!