Car accident 😢

So, while driving my 8 month old home from daycare a lady tried to turn left in front of me to cross the lane I was in and I hit her. Me and my DD are fine (thank God for my car and all the angels watching us), but I am 6.5 weeks pregnant with #2 and can't help but wonder... how it happened? I keep playing it out over in my head... i saw her turn and didnt have a chance to stop in the pouring rain, but i feel like i was in a fog as it happened. I can't help but wonder if my mind is doing this as a defense mechanism, protecting my unborn in a way by not allowing me to feel stress and to keep calm for my DD (who slept through the whole thing)! Any one else experience something like this? I still haven't really gotten upset about it, and normally i would be hysterical!