what should I be doing? PLEASE read

Mrs.R • Married on 10.24.15. TTC since 01/16
I'll try to keep this short and sweet but looking for some guidance 
Ok so just a little backstory...my husband and I have been actively TTC since January of 2016 (that's when I got my paraguard BC removed) and started trying immediately so this month officially marks the beginning of cycle #12. I have pretty regular 30-33 day cycles and I do ovulate every month. I have already been to a fertility specialist in May due to not having my period at all in March but she proved that I did in fact ovulate on my own and then did a few further tests and ultrasounds and told me I was good to go and keep trying until the January (which is now a month away) before becoming concerned. The first 6 or 7 months I pretty much solely relied on glow to predict my fertile week and then my husband and I would put in the work of our own all week. Started taking OPKs in July and was able to pinpoint my O day which glow has been pretty close in predicting every month but nonetheless obviously made it a point to BD on that day especially AND started temping In October which has proved to only really warm me of my incoming AF dates from what I can understand. Hubby HAS been tested as of last month and he has perfect swimmers. 
Basically what my question is, is there anything else We can be doing/taking to aid us in concieving #1 for both of us? I don't really need anything to help me ovulate or regulate me I don't THINK? 
Thanks if you took the time to read this and respond!