2 questions


1. I am about 5 weeks 3 days my symptoms are mild but they are there, i get queasy but not nauseas tired but not exhuasted nipples tender but not painful, but i noticed since yesterday my teeth are EXTREMELY sensisitve to cold and i can hear my heart beat. It is not beating rapidly and i had my bp checked yesterday at an appt and it was normal as it always is but i am laying in bed trying to sleep and a hear and feel my heart thumping like it is loud and heavy but at a normal pace, are these normal pregnancy symptoms? anyone else?

2. I keep seeing people post these crystal clear ultrasound images, I live in NY the facility i go to is fully up to date but I feel like my ultrasounds are grainy grey until she points to something but still not as clear as these images i see on here, i never can tell what she is looking at not even where my uterus is! Am i the only one not getting this beautiful back and white clear images?


a girl with major insomnia and a million questions