Am I a bitch?

Relationship struggle. I've been with this amazing guy for about 2 years! He's my best friend and we have bomb sex. But recently I've been attracted to other people and I feel horrible. Idk if I'm just a bitch or if the efforts just not there? Like I asked him if he wanted to go to a masquerade with me that's coming up and he said no.. but he knew it's something I really wanted to do and that all my friends were gonna be there with dates. He says everything he does is for me and I hate that!! I always get him to try and open up and see what he would like to do but he always makes it about me and I hate how one sided it is. I love this guy and we've even talked about marriage and life together. Idk.. part of me thinks I need a break, just to get to know other men so I can have a sure knowledge that the guy I'm with rn is the one. But i know if I did request a break that it would shatter his heart into pieces. Sorry for the long post..