Pregnancy announcement ideas?

B e A m * • 💍 Oct 11 ⚽️ #1 Jul 17 🌷#2 Mar 20
So I'm 8 weeks and 3 days today and I haven't told anyone but my husband. The reason is that I live abroad and I'm waiting to tell my family in person in a special way. I don't want to just tell them on Skype. I've been thinking about what to do to surprise them. They will be here to visit us in a week. I did buy cards for "Grandpa," "Grandma," and "Auntie" for my dad, mom and sister. I will write the messages in the cards as if it's my baby who writes to them, not me. But I'm not sure when and how to hand out the cards yet. Though these are Xmas cards, I don't want to wait until Xmas. I want to give to them on the first day they arrive. I'm thinking maybe I'll say something like "Not only the two of us (me and hubby) are here to pick you up. There's also someone else. Open the cards and you'll know who." That's the best idea I could think of right now. What do you think will be the most surprising and memorable way to announce the news using the cards?