Speeding tickets

Alicia • Mommy of a 3yr old prince and a 2 month old princess
First off.. Im a good driver ive never had a ticket. Only been in two wrecks which were not my fault both times.. And today. For the love of god. Some people insist on speeding on the interstate.. During rush hour.. Okay.. So speed limits 70. Its 4:30... Traffics heavy but not stopped just annoying. Im in the left lane cruze set to 77. This asshole comes up on me with right lane full and rides my ass.. I had to speed up to 85 just to not get hit.. I see an opening ahead in the right lane.. So i say screw it hit the gas 94.. Im thinking okay ill make it this dick wads still on my ass.. I get real close to my choosen spot... Blue lights. I got my first ticket today for simply trying not to get ran over. WTF