7 week old sleep and feeding schedules

How much does your baby sleep consecutively and how often do they eat?? We just got past the 6 week growth spurt and my baby was such a handful for a week! Now she is 7 weeks old and for 2 nights she slept for 4 hours straight, woke up to eat, then back to sleep for 3 hours and slept in her rock and play the whole time! This was great progress for us since 4 hours in the longest she's ever slept consecutively and before was only wanting to sleep on my chest. Well last night we were back to her only wanting to sleep on me and waking up a lot :(. I keep reading about babies her age sleeping 6, 7, or even 8 hours straight and I'm so jealous! I also thought she was supposed to be feeding less often the older she gets but she still eats every 2 hrs during the day. I'm breastfeeding but I do give her one bottle of formula before bed to try and keep her full longer.