Anyone think I may have conceived?!

So just to start off, I had a MC on 10/14/16. I was only about 4-5 weeks along. I remember a few weeks before that, I had noticed some clear, sticky CM. I never have enough to notice so I was like woah! And baby danced right away and a few weeks later I got a BFP. Well, two fridays ago, 11/25/16, I noticed it again! And of course BD again and a few days after. I'm not taking ovulation tests, so I'm not really sure when I ovulated. I have been feeling extremely moody, and pee so much more frequently. The only other symptom I had last time, which I am not feeling now, is heartburn. AF is due 12/12! Anyone think I may have conceived?! I feel like last time I JUST KNEW I was pregnant. Baby dust to everyone!! ❣️❣️💕

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