random nausea, almost 27 weeks

Yesterday my husband and I went to a bakery. We had gone to the gym earlier and he had not showered at this point. 
When I was younger I would get car sick from the smell my moms car had. It didn't smell bad or anything just had a smell that was distinct and would make me feel car sick. 
Over the years I wouldn't say I get car sick. Since it only happened in my moms car. Since I have been pregnant it seems that I get car sick sometimes. For example, thanksgiving my in laws came into town and my father in laws soap was making me feel sick. I had to ride in the front seat otherwise it was a struggle. 
Yesterday I noticed the mustyness of my husband and thought I could throw up. I felt bad telling my husband that his smell was making me sick but it was true. I am sure this will continue through the rest of my pregancy. Anyone else had this? I'm sure it is completely normal. I don't just know how to be like hey your smell is killing me ! Haha 😂 
I'd love to hear your stories 😊