Legal questions? Colorado mommas

Ok so I know I'm gonna get a ton of flak for this question but here goes. Asking for a friend. To you mommies living in Colorado. Do you get a drug test when you go to the hospital and give birth? Or is a drug test given only to certain women if there's a cause for concern? Do they do a blood test or urine test for marijuana on every single person? Is this practical for a state and county where medical and recreational use is both legal? We all already know that its frowned upon for a pregnant woman to use marijuana so that's not the question. The question is, is it expected to be tested for drugs? How do they determine when and who they test? Obviously we are not talking about an alcoholic or a strung out junky with needle marks in her arm, or anything close to that. We were regular pot users for over a decade now, and with the pregnancy its tapered off significantly, but there has still been some use. Probably it would be enough for a positive test if tested. What will they do? Will they take the baby? How many babies in a legal state would they possibly consider taking based on that?We were at a recent breastfeeding class and the lc literally said "we discourage alcohol use and marijuana use while breastfeeding". She said if you want, you may have one drink but then to wait 2 hours before breastfeeding or pumping. Also she said they discourage marijuana use while breastfeeding. Seemed like an odd way of putting it? I know there will be negative reactions to this question so please just keep it civil and factual. Any Colorado nurses out there or moms with experience? Thank you for reading. P.s. if you have something nasty to say please just keep it to yourself, thanks in advance.