Am I being ridiculous??

My sister and I are very different & have never been close. She lives only 15 mins from me but we never hang out. On the rare occasion that we do, I dread it beforehand & am miserable while we're together. She is 10 years older than me, yet very immature. I had a really hard pregnancy and she never came to see me or checked up on how I was doing. However, things suddenly changed as soon as I had the baby. After he was born she was constantly at the hospital. The first time she came, right after he was born, she was noticably high, as she often is. She would leave to get food or run an errand and then come back. Once, my husband went to get me food & I was sleeping with my baby in the hospital crib next to the bed. when I woke up he wasn't in there. I panicked  & then saw her in the corner holding him. It really annoyed me that we were both sleeping and she just came in & took her. When I was discharged from the hospital I went to the bathroom before packing up my stuff & when I came out she had dressed my baby. The first time he was dressed & she did it! I had 3 outfits packed so I could pick the one that fit best & she just went ahead and picked. Now that we are home, she is always coming over. She takes the baby and doesn't give him back for hours. And to make matters worse she doesn't even tend to him. She puts him on her lap on knees and then plays on her phone or busily snaps pictures of him. He is always sliding around or his head is rolling around while she's on her phone! Recently, she had him in another room than me & a family member came and told me that she had put him on top of my parents old smelly dog (who was wet from the snow) and had him ride it like a horse. My newborn baby!! When she takes him I asked that she please give him back if he gives hunger cues like licking her shirt or rooting- we are breastfeeding on demand and I always feed him as soon as he give cues. She doesn't. He always gets to the point where he's screaming & crying in hunger- he never gets to that point when we're alone. She is also very opinionated & despite not having children of her own, thinks she knows all about them. When I hold him myself she says I spoil him and lectures me that I need to let others hold him or else he will be a bad child!!! I have started to avoid her and even pretend we aren't home. My parents think I'm being very cruel. They say I'm overreacting and being too sensitive. My dad even had the nerve to tell me I was being a bad Christian. I told them it's my child & I will do ask please! My husband can't stand her so he totally supports avoiding her, but I can't help but wonder if I'm being crazy. She is an atheist and loves to voice how much she doesn't believe in God and how religion is a bunch of crap. Yet I recently founded our she is planning on attending my son's baptism!! I feel like I have to let her come, it doesn't set a very good example for my child by banning someone from coming to church. But this is just such a special day & I'm so scared she'll ruin it as she does every other family event she attends. The more I think about her the angrier I get!