Cry it Out!!

I suppose this question has been ask many times before, but my husband and I are in a battle of should we or shouldn't we. 
I'm against the cry it out method and he is for it. These last two nights I said I will try it his way. But I won't take part of it as I will just go mad. When he called me back to tell me after 45 min he is asleep, I went to go check on my son, the crib looked like a war zone I can see he struggled to fall asleep and then fell asleep on his belly, must have been out of pure exhaustion :( 
How can I tell my husband this is so bad for him ? Or am I being the weak one? 
My 6 month old boy is not able to fall back a sleep on his own when he wakes up at night. I give him his feed when he needs it but other than that he just wakes up and is unable to put himself back to sleep. And is sleeping on his belly harmful to him he has never slept on his belly before only there last tonight's :(
What to do ladies ????? Xxx