Am I going freaking crazy?

I totally accept the fact that I may be going crazy. So if you say I am I'm not offended at all. Last time I had sex was October 8th since then I have had 2 very light one day period. I had been so extremely emotional that I would have breakdowns during the day and not be able to calm down. I work out and eat healthy everyday yet I can not loose this tummy bloat. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests all of which have come back negative. I was in the hospital and received a urine test just for drugs (no I do not do drugs) I don't know if a pregnancy test would show up on this. I get the oddest feeling in my abdomen, and pain if I put pressure in a certain point. Everyday I look at myself and say I freaking swear I'm pregnant but tests say differently Am I going crazy could I be pregnant?