Trust issue help

Tabitha • Mommy of a beautiful baby girl December 26 2018🥰
So here's the deal I've never really had any trust issues until two of my exes left me for one of my friends or were talking to someone while I was dating them now that I'm dating this guy really care about my trust issues are getting the best of me and he might leave me and I want to get better so is there any advice anyone could give me so I don't lose him this guy makes me so happy but my trust issues get the best of me and i know i can trust him hes never done anything to hurt me and i met his parents and they love me and both our families get along i just dont want to throw away a perfectly good relationship over bullshit because of my exes i mean he lets me go on his phone we have our instagrams connected and he gave me his facebook password and everything he dlesnt hide things from me i just want to learn to trust him before its too late