Awful Leg cramps during pregnancy πŸ’”

Soo I'm finally in my third trimester (33 weeks pregnant) and I'm experiencing awful LEFT LEG cramping. It starts in my left pubic bone and literally goes down in my upper inner left leg. It never goes away, I have it all day. It feels nice when I stretch but it just doesn't go away. And it's a lot worse at night, it gets numb and so does my left butt cheek. I'm not sure if it's a nerve or what. I've tried googling it and there is so many possiblities could it be groin pain, girdle pain, pubis dysfunction, syatica? Idk, I know it's probably pregnancy related but what is this called? And what to do to relieve the pain? I cry sometimes because it just hurts so bad. I feel it when I walk, when I turn in bed, get up from the bed or couch, etc.Β 
Below is a demonstration, I doodled where it hurts so you could understand better.😊
PS: I've told my OB Doctor she never explains anything to me and is always in a hurry :( she just says its normal and that's it smhΒ