i feel like this is unreal!!

So last week  I woke up and my stomach was hurting sooooo bad and i was like omg why is this happening and then I took a test 3 days after my missed period (i keep track of my period days) and it came up negative so i was like okay im not pregnant but then i took a test literally last night because i still didnt start my period and its been 8 days and my stomach was cramping so much and i havent been eating much because i felt like id throw it up but anyway i took the test and it came out all faint so im not sure if that matter on whether or not im pregnant but then today i went and bought another test and it came out positive again but still a bit faint ... do you think these tests can be a false positive lmao idk im 17 and im extremely scared! im about to be 18 next month and i was planning on moving out !!!