not asking for probability just nervous now.

Ugh I am such a dumb ass! My husband and I got busy tonight i'm 5 weeks 2 days pp and it started out vaginally but traveled to "other" regions a little more... south. Well he came and I went to the bathroom to clean up and with out even thinking I wiped the area in which he came in and as I was pulling the cloth back out from the area between the toilet and my ass i wasn't careful enough and was in a hurry because my baby started to cry (its was about her feeding time and she woke up in her nursery not in our room) well I accidentally touched the out side of my vagina with the barely damp cloth I was cleaning my self up with. Now I'm like panicking that sperm is going to some how work it's way up and I'm going to end up pregnant again. I don't want to say anything to him because it would just stress him out and he'd get mad. I'm just trying to tell my self that its unlikely thenoerm will make its way from the cloth to the outer edge of my vagina and then up into me and impregnate me. Ugh I guess this is what I get for trying to be spontaneous and try new things with my husband. 😭🙄