Healthcare System Moves Too Slow!!!

Ok so I got my BFP on November 28th when I would have been 4 weeks along.  Called my doctors office the next morning, receive a voice mail stating that they're closed for two weeks and to call the local medical clinic.  I call the local clinic (finally get through after trying for about 5 hours) to see about at least getting a blood test done to confirm the pregnancy and they were quite rude about it...  basically said that there was nothing they could do and that I needed to wait the two weeks for my doctor to return.  No suggestions  on where else to go, no nothing.
So then I wait the two weeks (Dec 14) until my doctor re-opens (by this time I'm six weeks along) and try calling them.  Phone rings and rings.  Finally I reach someone who says that they can't see me for another week. So I book in an appointment for December 19th.
Dec 19 rolls around and I go to my appointment.  They basically tell me what I already know (based on the day of my last period I'm 7 weeks, take prenatal vitamins, etc) and they don't do any tests.  They don't even have me take my jacket off.  They give me a slip to get some blood work done and say to call the clinic number on the sheet to set up an appointment.
I call the number on the sheet- again phone rings and rings every time I try to call (why does nobody answer their phone!?!?). Finally I reach someone and they tell me they can't see me until January 6th!!! By that time I'll be almost 10 weeks!  Then who knows how long it'll take the doctor to get back with me with any results.
I can't believe that it's taking so long to even confirm my pregnancy.  I'm so frustrated and feel like nobody cares.  I mean, I understand that I'm not the only person in the world who needs tests/to see a doctor, etc  but I think this is a bit much. I'm so discouraged.  Seriously feel like crying my eyes out.