Yesterday I took 3 tests. I saw faint lines in 2 and a not-so faint line in 1. I posted on here and everyone said it was a for sure BFP. I told my husband. He cried and was thrilled. This morning I took another to watch it get darker. NOTHING. I waited a couple hours and took another. Again... I could only see it if I held it up to the light. I told my husband because he came in the bathroom doorway and said "how's it looking?!" He was so upset that I told him in the first place. Now we're both upset because we really thought this was it. This will be both our first child, so we're new to this. I've been doing research and it kinda seems like it could be an early miscarriage? The "M" word alone makes me cry.  I guess I just need advice.... wait a long time till I tell my husband next time? Call the doctor now and ask for a blood test to be 100% certain I'm in fact not pregnant. Idk😔